Have a nice trip

have a nice trip


I wish you didn ' t have to leave so soon . have a nice trip (真希望你別這么快就走。旅途愉快! ) Good - bye , and have a nice trip 再見,祝您一路順風。 I hope you ' ll have a nice trip 希望你旅途快樂。 Good - bye , have a nice trip 再見,祝你旅途愉快; 更多例句: 1 2; …

Enjoy your holiday and travel all over the world! Hope you'll have a nice and safe trip with these stickers. Also you can use them in general situations.

Have a nice trip. 的同義字They're basically just two different ways of saying the same thing, though I think "Have a nice trip" is just slightly more common than "Enjoy your trip."

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Elsa: Have a nice trip!But first of all, please fill out the form here. 旅途一路顺风啊! 不过首先, 请先把这里的表格填好. 互联网

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I wish you have a good day ! 2017-10-12 解释这句话,wish you have a good time! 2017-11-05 I wish that you have a nice dream 中文翻译是什么? 2017-10-10 填空 I wish you have a h_____ trip. 2016-12-14 i wish i may,i wish i might,Have the wish i wish tonight.这句怎么翻译, 2016-12-03

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"have a good trip" 中文翻譯 : 旅行愉快; 一路順風; 祝旅途愉快 "have a honeymoon trip" 中文翻譯 : 旅行結婚 "have a nice trip" 中文翻譯 : 祝你旅途平安; 祝您旅途愉快; 祝您一路平安

have a nice trip

have a nice trip

have a nice trip